Manuals , Services sheets and anything that has made my bikes run a little better and life a whole lot easier, it’s all here. If anyone feels that I’m violating any copyrights or stepping on anyone’s corns-just let me know.

If anyone needs something in particular ping me back and let me know what you are looking for and if I have it, I’ll scan and put it up on here.

What are O Ring and X Ring chains?

There are three principal types of roller drive chains: O Ring less, O Ring and X Ring. The O Ring less types date back to the beginning of time and are still used a lot today. They are strong, light, cheap to produce and relatively friction free but they do not have internal lubrication, so they tend to wear out more quickly.

Chain design has had to improve with the technology of the motorcycle. With today’s  bigger and more powerful bikes, normal O Ring less chains have lost  out ‘O Ring’ and ‘X Ring’ chains. These two types of chains position a sealing ring between the inner and outer chain plates. Before riveting in the factory, the internal parts of the chain are filled with chain grease by vacuum. The sealing rings keep the internal lubrication in, and the dirt out, thus preserving the durability of the chain. O rings are literally ‘O’ shaped. As the two plates push on either side of the O ring, it distorts to have two flat sides to its shape. This is great on sealing and  but creates a lot of friction which saps the bike’s power.


To reduce this friction ‘X Ring’ chains were developed. ‘X’ describes the shape of the ring. Instead of having an O shape it now has an X shape. This means that when pressed between the chain plates, it has two smaller faces touching either plate in an X shape. This gives you the same great sealing and durability but now with very low friction. The perfect chain-for now!

AJS & Matchless



1941_Matchless_G3L_Parts_list_for contracts_C12632-33

What manufacture involves G3L (The Motor Cycle aug 1944)

The AMC Overseas Models 1949 Range (Motor Cycling Jan 1949)

Specification Matchless Single and Twin 1951


1951 AJS Singles Instruction Manual

1951 Matchless sales brochure.

1952 Matchless singles-Instruction Manual1953_Army_G3L_Technical_handbook_and_inspection_standards


AJS_and_Matchless_Colour_Schemes_(Keith_Jackson) 1946-1968


Ajs_1957-1966_AJS_Matchless_Single_Motorcycles by F_Neill







AJS Matchless Modifications Model Range for 1957 (The Motor Cycle Sept 56)

Classics to buy 350 and 500 singles (Classic Bike May 1991)

Matchless 350 Singles 1954 1958 1962 Roadtest (Classic Bike 1991)

Much neater singles the 1958 range (The Motor Cycle September 1957)

1945-1969 AJS Matchless Postwar Singles (Roy Bacon)

Front_forks_1941-1963_singles  Spare_Part_Break_Down_Table


(tips, tricks or whatever)

Exploded view of MO1L magneto

Lucas M01L Magneto Parts

E3L dynamo Parts


Lucas K2F MAGNETO parts

Cam info 1948-58

Pushrod tubes set up with seals/Main bearing and spacers on Matchless

Terry Saddle Type S.787




Amal carburettors


Amal carbs tips n tricks

375, 376 and 389 Amal Monobloc Tuning


R90S Owners Manual- R 60/6, R75/6, R90/6, R90S

BMW_R71 English service manual

1953 BMW R25/3 manual




Air Filter cut away




Engine drawing



 axle n drive










Burman transmission  (gearboxes and clutches)

Burman & Sons Limited, manufacturers of horse & barbers’ clippers, sheep shearers and steering gears also built gearboxes that many of our old bikes run on today.So here’s something on understanding those trannys and keeping them in good nick.

The ‘CP’ and  ‘GB’ aka the ‘B52’ gearbox was introduced in 1952 and were used on a number of machines are covered here:



The Burman Gearbox 1927-1937.




Burman_Clutch_1955 AMC rebuild

B52 or ‘GB’ (Drawing_from_the_Panther_Factory)

Clutch_Rods_Specs 1946_-_1960


Golden Flash/A10 engine


BSA A10 & A7 Inner Timing cover Golden Flash Part No 67-286 Swinging Arm & Plunger

BSA Plunger A10 Crankcase with oil feed pipe & sump scavenger pipe Part No 67-294

Golden Flash Air cleaner assembly

Golden_Flash_aircleaner assembly




1952 ‘A’ group, ‘B’ group and Gold Star
A10 & A7 spring frames
A7 & A10 rigid frame
“B” group B31-32-33-34 rigid frame
‘B’ group B31-32-33-34 spring frame.
1945-1948-‘M’ group M20-21-33 rigid frames
1949 onwards, ‘M’ group-M20-M21-M33, rigid frames.
‘M’ group, M20-M21-M33 spring frames.

BSA _service sheets

BSA Service Sheets

BSA Factory Service Sheets All Models

A group_BSA service sheets no 201, A,B,C

BSA M20 Maintenance Manual (Air Ministry) MS Word format.

Identifying your BSA Machine

BSA Motorcycle Frame Serial and Year Identification Guide

BSA_54-55 350 500cc singles OHV B31-34 models

207 A group crankshaft regrinding

212A Front hub and brake 7 inch_A B M

212B Front hub and brake 8 inch A B M

212C Rear hub and brake Plunger A B M

212D rear hub and brake Swinging arm A B M

212E hubs and brakes full width A B M

213 Plunger frame A B M

301 Engine exploded OHV B (M33)

302 Gearbox 1946-48 B

303 Decarbonizing engine dismantling B M33

304 Engine removal and dismantling

305 Reassembling engine

306 Removal, dismantling and reassembly of B group gearbox

307 B group transmission adjustments

308 Clutch 6 spring

309 Rear drum and brake tele models

310 Primary transmission non-GB late models

311 Gearbox and gear change

312 Swinging arm data

313 Swinging arm suspension

315 Clutch 4 spring

600-602A Exploded Views engine & gearbox- B31,32,33,34,M33-Side valve M20,M21

602 Gearbox exploded views B & M groups

603 Lubrication System-B,C & M groups

604 Engine Adjustments-B & M groups

605 Decarbonising-M group

606 Engine removal and dismantling-M group

607 Engine reassembly M Group

608 gearbox plunger & rigid-B & M groups

609 M Group Transmission adjustments

610 Clutch M models

611 Hubs and Brakes M models girder forks

612 Teles Hubs and Brakes M models 1948

613 Girders adjustments-M group

614 Girder Forks and steering Head M models

701-704 Data-C10,C11,D1,B31,B32,B33,B34 & M20 singles. A7 & A10 twins.Engine, bearing,bushes,shafts,pistons.

705 Carbs & maintenance-All models

706 Tele forks-A,B & M groups. C10,C11G & C12.

707 Gold Star useful info

708 Carbs-All models. Monoblock and separate float chamber type.

708A_Service sheet (Carburation)Twin Carburettors

708B Carbs and altitude

709 faultfinding-All models.

710 Chains _ alterations and repairs

710x Frame repairs

711 Tools-1938-1951.

712X Flywheel balancing static-All groups.

713 Steering head-All groups except D group and C15

714 Spoke Sizes-All models 1947-1949

804 Regulator-MCR1 & MCR2

804A Control box-BR107. A,B & M groups.

806 Lucas lighting

807 Electric horn

808 Wiring diagrams-A,B & M groups.

809 Generators-E3H & E3HM.

812 Lucas Alternator-1A45

813 Alternator lighting-All models.



BSA A10 Golden Flash Instruction Manual,1950

BSA Twins A50 & A65 Manual-Royal Star A50.R(500cc), Lightning A65.L(650cc), Spitfire A65.SP(650cc), Firebird Scrambler A65.FS(650cc), Thunderbolt A65.T(650cc).

175 cc Silver Bantam, Bantam de luxe, D7_manual


ATD Parts

ATD Parts

Lucas ATDs



Flywheel Magnetos


Generators E3

Lucas E3LM_E3L_E3N Dynamos

Generator MC45L

Generator C35SD

Model 1A45 Inductor Generators

Alternators RM13,14, 13/15, 15, 5AF

Control Box MCR2

Control Box Lucas RB107

Lucas_Magneto MO1L & MN2L

Magnetos N1 K2F etc



Altette horn

Horns HF 1440-41-44

Horns HF 1849

Lucas Lighting and Ignition 1939-1957


SR Magneto

Magneto rebuild


Remagnetisation of Lucas Magnetos


Norton_16H_Big4_model 18_ ES2-Maintenance manual and instruction book

Norton Commando Villiers engine manual

Norton Commando 750 workshop manual

Norton 850 Commando workshop manual



 Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield clutch problems



Service Sheets and Smiths Information


Triumph Replacement Parts Catalog -6T,T100,T110,TR6,T120

Triumph Replacement Parts Catalog – 1952 season. 5T-Speed Twin, 6T-Thunderbird, Tr5-Trophy, T100-Tiger 100.


Triumph 5T Speed Twin 500cc group test

Triumph Serial Numbers

Collection of other manuals

Moto Guzzi Breva V 1100 ABS Manual

Triumph Rocket III Manual

YamahaRD 350_1975 parts list

Yamaha FJR 1300 Manual

Side Car Manual

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